Del Mar High School

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IB Parent Organization

You are your student's representative at our monthly meetings and biggest supporter in his/her IB education! 
We invite you to join our meetings and share your thoughts, suggestions and feedback on how we can provide the best quality experience for our IB students.  It's an exciting journey for our children as they study, take assessments and enjoy life beyond IB.  Their quests and achievements today pave the way to a bright future.
Your opinion matters and we want to hear from you.  Together, we can make the IB experience at Del Mar enriching and exciting for all students! 

myDonsLife is a program which hopes to help Del Mar's Community of Parents, Guardians and Students enjoy an educational experience that is more amazing and memorable by offering parent education and student support.

Parents want to learn more about their students' lives at Del Mar, and Dons may want a little help along the high school way.  That's where we come in!

myDonsLife will be offering a series of seminars/workshops to parents, students and the community during the school year. myDonsLife will also provide a few valuable resources (articles, videos, digital presentations, etc.,) that we hope will help the DM Community better understand our school's academic programs, life at school, the health and wellness of students, enrichment beyond textbooks (yes!) and more!

We hope you will follow us on Twitter at and like our Facebook Page at for updates, helpful resources and seminar information. 

Join us at our next meeting - Wednesday December 13th, at 5:45pm in the Staff Lounge.

1. Approve November 2017 Minutes.

2. Taste of IB 2018 – update on date and time.

3. Discuss Constant Contact vs. MailChimp.

4. Grade Level Reps Board positions - still open.

5. Discussion on implementing a student support/mentor group.

6. Recap of “Can it be that IB is for me?”

7. Discussion on changing monthly DMIBPO meeting day/time.

8. Discussion of myDonsLife upcoming seminar and suggestions by email:

    8.1 CAS digital seminar - Diego's video and Ms. Hallinan's CAS Handbook

    8.2 Movie Night for CUHSD students, featuring Demi Lovato's stress and struggles

    8.3 Upcoming February 2018 seminar ideas (speakers, challenge success video, etc.)

9. Corporate Sponsor Program - review brochure changes and next steps.

10. Financial update.

11. Fundraising Update - Restaurants & Amazon Associate Update.

12. Discussion on Leadership/ASB Club (for current ASB students interested in striving for the IB Diploma)