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New Opportunities

Do you want to get involved in something new and exciting?
Join a movement to bring more enriched opportunities to Del Mar such as ...
A Girls Who Code Club is led by a facilitator who can be a teacher, computer scientist, librarian, parent, college student or volunteer from any background or field. (Technical experience is not necessary to start a club.)
To start a Girls Who Code Club, you need:
  • Computers and internet for each member if possible. (Tablets and phones are not allowed.)
  • Space to host the Club, such as a classroom or computer lab.
  • An adult who will be responsible for leading the Club through the Girls Who Code curriculum for 2-3 hours each week and communicating with Girls Who Code.
  • Passion for Girls Who Code's mission and the ability to foster community within your Club.
Interested?  Learn more HERE!
* Please contact Del Mar's Activities Director if you are interested in starting a new club!