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Guidance » Graduation and A-G Requirements

Graduation and A-G Requirements

In order to receive a diploma, students must complete the high school graduation requirements outlined below and meet the proficiency standards established by the Campbell Union High School District.   Links below provide a map of the course sequences for that area of study.  Also see the CUHSD 2016/2017 Course Catalog here:


High School Graduation Requirements Units


 English (10 units required each year)  40

 Social Science (10 units World History; 10 units U.S. History; 10 units Gov't/Econ.)  30

 Math (10 units of Algebra)  20

 Science (10 units Physical; 10 units Biological)  20

 Physical Education   20

 Fine Art*  10

 Applied Art*  10

 World Language*  10

 General Electives  60

 Total   220

 * 30 units using two categories  



CSU/UC A-G Requirements Years required

 History/Social Science  2 years

 English  4 years

 Mathematics  3 years

 Lab Science  2 years

 World Language  2 years

 Visual and Performing Arts  1 year

 College Prep Elective  1 year

 Total  15 year-long courses

 Minimum Requirements: Need a C or better