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Advisory Course

Del Mar implements a school wide Advisory that meets every Wednesday for 30 minutes.   

Advisory classes take place from 10:15-10:45am.  Each student is scheduled into a grade level Advisory class and receives lessons geared specifically for that grade level.   Advisory classes average just 21 students each.

The goal of the program is to expose students to age and grade level appropriate lessons.  The Advisory calendar aligns with current or upcoming events such as college applications, PSAT exam, or applying for a summer job

Study Halls are also built into the Advisory period throughout the year.   Study Hall days allow students the opportunity to complete homework or check in with their advisory teacher regarding their grades or address other questions or concerns they may have.  Special Education teachers utilize Advisory periods to deliver most lessons and to check in with their students within their caseload

This year, Del Mar plans to have all students maintain the same Advisory teacher for two consecutive years.   The end result is for students and teachers to build stronger connections as studies have shown that students with strong connections to school staff, show greater interest and performance in school.