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IB Mathematics & Math Studies (SL)


IB Mathematics SL


The IB Mathematics SL course is the most advanced math class offered at Del Mar and the best option for students interested in Science or Math related fields. At the end of the second year, all students will be ready for both the IB Mathematics SL external exam and the AP Calculus AB exam. The first year will include all of the material traditionally taught in a Trigonometry/Pre- Calculus class along with an introduction to Statistics.


In the second year the material develops a deeper understanding of Statistics and teaches the most of the AP Calculus AB curriculum. Students who complete this course will gain a meaningful mathematics education that is rooted in deep conceptual understanding and real life applications. Through their Internal Assessment, students will show this understanding while conducting research and writing a paper on the topic of their choice. IB Mathematics SL is a fantastic course that will prepare all students for College-Level Mathematics.


Prerequisite: Proficiency in Integrated Math 3 with teacher recommendation or proficiency in Integrated Math 3 STEM



For more information about IB Mathematics SL, please feel free to contact our IB Educator:


Ms Rachel Halper





IB Mathematical Studies SL


IB Mathematical Studies SL is a two-year course with an emphasis on applications of mathematics in which the largest section is on statistical techniques. The students most likely to select this course are those whose main interests lie outside the field of mathematics. Students taking this course are well prepared for a career in social sciences, humanities, languages or arts. More emphasis is placed on student understanding of fundamental concepts than on complex manipulative skills. 


Students will solve mathematical problems embedded in a wide range of contexts while using the calculator effectively. In the second year each student completes an extensive project based on their own research involving the collection, analysis and evaluation of data. The project provides an opportunity for students to carry out a mathematical study of their choice using their own experience, knowledge and skills acquired during the course.


Prerequisite:  Proficiency in Integrated Math 2.



For more information about IB Mathematical Studies SL, please feel free to contact our IB Educator:


Mr Matt Lee