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IB Psychology Standard Level (SL)

IB Psychology SL is a one year course that asks the fundamental questions of “Why do people behave the way that they do in certain situations?” and “How can people change their behaviors?” The course emphasizes historically significant research and research methodology. Students are expected to develop their critical thinking and research skills throughout the course. Each student will be required to complete an “Internal Assessment.” The Internal Assessment includes researching background information, planning, and conducting a research experiment.


Part 1: Levels of Analysis—Biological, Cognitive, Socio-cultural. Students focus on understanding the biological, cognitive and socio-cultural influences on human behavior and explore alternative explanations of behavior.


Part 2: Option (but not optional)—Developmental Psychology: To what extent do Biological, Cognitive, and Socio-cultural factors influence development? Evaluate psychological research relevant to developmental psychology.


Part 3: Research Methodology—Methodology is a significant part of the course. The internal assessment is based on these topics: Introduction to research methods, ethics, and quantitative research methods. Research methodology will be ingrained and significant to each of the segments of IB Psychology, with a focus on ethics and ethical treatment of research participants.


Part 4: Simple experimental study—knowledge of research methods will be applied in the study and ethics and the use of quantitative research methods are required elements. Students will design and replicate a significant psychology research experiment.


Prerequisite: None



For more information about IB Psychology SL, please feel free to contact our IB Educator:


Mr Mel Lindberg