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IB Spanish (HL & SL)


IB Spanish HL


IB Spanish HL is a two year course.  The objective of the course is to master the receptive, productive and interactive skills through the use of daily interaction and authentic texts in Spanish. Students will develop the skills necessary to analyze and synthesize a variety of written texts as well as audios and communicate their ideas in Spanish through discussion and in writing based on the text types learned in class. Conversational skills are practiced daily while discussing assigned readings, current events, and in general classroom interactions.


This course is designed to develop English-Spanish bilingualism and to prepare students for success on the IB Spanish HL Language B examination and is conducted entirely in Spanish. An extensive study of different text types (e.g. blogs, brochures, formal and informal letter writing, etc) is also included. It is assumed that students have previously been exposed to advanced language structures in the courses leading up to the IB HL Spanish Language course; however, review of the mechanics is done within the contextual framework of each unit as needed.


Prerequisite: Students must demonstrate proficiency through the equivalent of Spanish 3.




IB Spanish SL


IB Spanish SL is a one-year course whose purpose is to foster the language acquisition process necessary for students to become proficient in the target language by improving the four languages skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will be able to use the language effectively and respond spontaneously according to the cultural context of a situation. They will also be able to analyze and respond critically in the target language to the topics developed in class. Students will also develop an objective appreciation of the different views of people from other cultures and their cultural legacy. The course will help students become citizens of the world.


Prerequisite: Students must demonstrate proficiency through the equivalent of Spanish 3.



For more information about IB Spanish HL or SL, please feel free to contact our IB Educators:


Ms Hallie Naber


Ms Miriam Wesson