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IB Diploma & Courses

IB Diploma Programme candidates must successfully complete all the requirements below and pass:

  • Three (3) Higher Level exams and three (3) Standard Level exams OR
  • Four (4) Higher Level exams and two (2) Standard Level exams
Group 1 Language A Group 2 Language B
IB Language & Literature HL (2 years)  IB Spanish SL (1 year)
 IB Spanish HL (2 years)
 IB French SL (1 year)
Group 3 Individuals & Societies Group 4 Experimental Sciences
IB History of the Americas HL (2 years)
IB Psychology SL (1 year)
IB Biology HL (2 years)
IB Design Technology SL (1 year)
Group 5 Mathematics & Computer Science Group 6 The Arts*
IB Mathematics SL (2 years)
IB Mathematical Studies SL (2 years)
IB Music SL (1 year)
IB Art SL (1 year)
IB Art HL (2 years)
IB Diploma Programme Core
IB Theory of Knowledge (2 years)
Creativity, Activity, & Service (CAS) project
Extended Essay
*Students may choose not to take an exam from Group 6 and take a second exam in one of the other groups instead.


Please see our Pathways of Study Brochure for more information on how to earn an IB Diploma:

Del Mar IB Pathways of Study / Programa del Diploma IB Rutas de Estudio de Del Mar