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About Me

Hello! I'm Laura King, an English teacher at Del Mar high school as of 2017. With an MA in Education (UCSC), BA's in Communications and Ancient Japanese History (UCD), and a brief working history in Hollywood, I have a variety of experiences and knowledge that I enjoy bringing into the classroom. 
As an English teacher, I enjoy classic works of literature such as George Orwell's 1984 and Shakespeare's Hamlet, but my literary interests go far beyond! I love incorporating different genres into the classroom (ficiton, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, etc.), as well as a multitude of texts (film, documentaries, comics, and more!). 
One of my favorite quotes is from the novel The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens. In the preface of the novel he states that "without courage, compassion falters, and that without compassion, courage has no direction." Many people find courageousness to be admirable, while compassion is considered passive and, in many ways, useless. However, Greitens sees the two as both sides of the same coin, expressing the idea that one is pointless without the other. Bravery means little if someone is not being brave for a purpose and defending a cause. However, having opinions, ideas, and wanting the best of the world and the people in it means little if one is not willing to step forward and act on their beliefs.