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myDonsLife - Parent Education

Image of robotics event handout    Image of robotics event handout showcasing the Del Mar robotics team

We were proud to host, "R O B O T I C S - More than Meets the Eye!" on March 14th.  It was a sold-out event and everyone enjoyed the interactive workshop and building a kinetic light project!


Many thanks to our presenter - Jim Burnham from SVCTE, our inspiring robotics team - the Blender Bots,  Mario Flores from Mission College CSIT & STEM Outreach, and the attendance and support of our Administration and Board Trustees - Jennifer Baldwin, Laura Hallinan, Stacey Browne and Kiki Arrasmith.


If you enjoyed this workshop and would like to learn more about robotics at Del Mar, please feel free to reach out to our robotics team at - the team meets weekly on Fridays from 3-4:30pm.  We'd love the support of the community with mentorship and monetary sponsorship.


Until next time, #OMGROBOTS!

Image of English flyer for Stressed dessertS parent ed talk on January 31, 2019 

Thank you Robin for speaking to our families!  It was great to hear helpful advice and tips on how students (and parents) can manage stress in their own way.  There is no one solution, and there is no one type of stress. And together we can help each of our students to #losethestressnotyourmind.  To subscribe to Robin's newsletter and for more advice, feel free to visit

If you missed the event, you may view Robin's informative presentation at, and download the event handout below that offers some every day things we can choose to help us survive stress and smile. :)

Image of students presenting at 2018 "Can it be that IB is for me?!" Seminar  Image of students presenting at 2018 "Can it be that IB is for me?!" Seminar 

myDonsLife was pleased to offer this IB event once again and welcomed a great group of current Del Mar students, and prospective students and their families from our middle school community!

The seminar included helpful information about the IB Programme, and a panel of Del Mar's Junior and Senior IB Students who offered their individual experiences and advice to prospective students.  Our panel was well received and the audience enjoyed engaging with the students during and after the seminar.

Further to our Organization's goal of keeping the community informed about IB at Del Mar, below is a document outlining important information with respect to questions/concerns raised around IB exam fees, IB recognition and the DM IB Parent Organization's role at DM:

Supplemental Information regarding IB exam fees, IB recognition & the DM IB Parent Org’s Role at DM

If you would like to learn more about IB, you're invited to view the video of the presentation below or visit  Many thanks to Del Mar Senior, T.P., for recording and producing this video!

We are thankful for our Panelists, proud to be in IB, and invite you to be a part of this exciting Programme!

Image of Anxiety Awareness Film Parent Education Talk Flyer  Image of audience watching Angst film

myDonsLife was pleased to host a screening of "Angst" - a documentary raising awareness about anxiety.  The event was well attended, and after viewing this eye-opening film, parents and students were able to engage with a panel of mental health experts on ways to deal with this confusing and scary feeling.  Anxiety is common and treatable.  Del Mar High School offers support to all students via our Guidance Counselors, Cassy Therapists, and thru outside supporters such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness.)

Our sincere thanks to Campbell Union High School District for sponsoring the screening, our Parents and Safeway (Willow Glen) for sponsoring snacks and refreshments, and County Supervisor Dave Cortese for his attendance and welcoming address.

Image of You ARE College & Career Bound graphic for parent education talk

Thank you CUHSD families for joining our College and Career Planning Talk on October 16th.

We were pleased to see students and parents participate in this forum discussion, beginning with a lobby exploration of myths and truths surrounding education after high school.  A panel of College and Career Specialists - Jay Ehret and Evelyn Beas from Del Mar, and Katie Bennett from CUHSD - provided valuable insight and information on the college application process, financial aid, career technical education, career readiness, and more.  Students and parents were able to ask questions, hear three perspectives to one question, and take home some helpful information.

Image of parents and students in performing arts center lobby before You ARE College & Career Bound talk  Image of You ARE College & Career Bound parents and students reviewing lobby display of college myths  Image of three You ARE College & Career Bound panelists during talk

We will post some fun results of the myths & truths lobby gallery soon, but until then, you may view or download a copy of the "Common Myths and Truths in College & Career Planning."  You will find it below in English and Spanish.

If you missed the presentation or have any questions, please feel free to contact our Panelists or Jessica Olamit, our IB Coordinator, who also assisted and provided great information to our families. We are pleased to have Jay, Evelyn, Katie and Jessica at our school site and district, and they are happy to provide assistance to all families.

Image of Balancing Act graphic for parent education talk
Many thanks to our families at Del Mar, CUHSD and neighboring school districts who attended our Parent Ed Talk on the importance of the well-balanced student. myDonsLife was pleased to have over 100 parents and students attend. Challenge Success presented an informative, interactive and light-hearted talk on how we can help our students thrive while accomplishing academic and personal goals each day.
Image of parents and students participating during Balancing Act parent education talk  Image of pie chart showing how students spend their time as shown during Balancing Act talk    
If you missed the presentation and would like to view a video version, please feel free to preview and rent a viewing at Challenge Success.
Image of Is that Really CAS? graphic for parent webinar
As a compulsory part of the IB Diploma Programme, students consistently engage in Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) experiences for 18 months alongside their academic studies. CAS allows students to develop their creative and physical interests while also becoming global citizens through serving the local and global community.

During this 18 months of CAS, students are required to undertake a one-month long CAS Project, which challenges them to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance, develop skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making. Students investigate a need, plan and document their effort and reflections on learning in a CAS portfolio.

While there are some requirements and rules for CAS experiences, students are treated as individuals. The hope is that students will step outside of their own comfort zone and push themselves to engage in experiences they have not tried before and grow new skills in more familiar arenas.
To learn more about CAS at Del Mar we invite you to review and download Del Mar's CAS Handbook by visiting

And now, myDonsLife is proud to present a video from Del Mar’s IB Diploma student, Diego Cruz, where he perfectly explains CAS and how it is the everyday fun part of IB! 
Image of CAS YouTube video opening scene

If you have any questions about CAS, please feel free to contact Del Mar’s CAS Advisor, Laura Hallinan.

We hope our IB students will always be creative, active, and community-minded citizens!  Thank you for sharing this seminar via our posts on Twitter and Facebook.
Image of 2017 Can it be that IB is for me?! parent-student night flyer  Image of IB students presenting at 2017 Can it be that IB is for me?! parent-student night
Del Mar High School and the IB Parent Organization were pleased to see over 120 people attend "Can it be that IB is for me?!" on November 28th, 2017.  
We hope everyone found this seminar informative and the presentations from current IB students exciting for your prospective IB Students. IB is an option for every student!  We appreciated your enthusiasm and support of our great program.  Should you have additional questions, please contact our IB Coordinator, Jessica Olamit at
Image of myDonsLife logo
myDonsLife is a program that aims to help DM's Community of Students and Parents enjoy a more enriching and memorable educational experience by offering a series of parent education seminars and student support resources.
Let's stay connected ... follow us on Twitter & Instagram @IBatDelMar 
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