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Senior Info 2023

Schedule Your Senior Portrait Appointment

Senior portraits will be taken by Now and Forever Studios in Los Gatos. To be included in the yearbook, seniors need to be photographed by Now and Forever Studios. Our deadline is usually sometime in December, however, appointments book fast so make sure you get in with enough time! To schedule an appointment, please visit:
This year, students have a choice to wear either the traditional tux or drape, a cap and gown, or an outfit of their choice. Students who choose to wear their own outfit should choose something school appropriate that represents them best (i.e. a sports uniform, cultural attire, your favorite outfit that shows your personality, a cheer uniform, etc). We would like the senior portraits to be a representation of the many personalities we have on our campus and the diversity of our student body.

If you have questions, contact our yearbook advisor, Mrs. Chase at [email protected].

Order Your Cap and Gown

Caps and Gowns are now available! The following is important information from Ms. Gardner. Please read the instructions below very carefully, as the site can be a bit confusing.
A couple of things to note:
  1. I cannot see who ordered until I get a list from the company. Parents/Guardians - please communicate with your student directly so that you know if they ordered or if you should order for them

  2. When I get a final list in December, I will start notifying families who have not yet ordered.

  3. The cap and gown are FREE. You do not need to pay. To get the free cap and gown, you must follow all of the instructions in this email.

  4. If you would like to order extras (i.e. a class ring, announcements, etc) that will all go through the same website. That is all done through the company and I do not have any information about orders through them.

  5. Everyone must order a cap and gown.

  6. The caps and gowns are delivered to school, not your home. Order your cap and gown online following the steps below.


Order your cap and gown online using the steps below:

  1. Go to this website:


  3. Enter Del Mar High School -- SELECT THE ONE FROM SAN JOSE, CA.

  4. Find GRADUATION PRODUCTS on the top of the page and click it.

  5. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN to "Continue Shopping" (the green button).

  6. Select the "Grad Pack D" for $0.00 and add to cart

  7. Click CHECKOUT or click the cart at the top of the screen.

  8. Enter promo code 2023grad and click APPLY.

  9. Enter the rest of your information.


2022-23 Yearbook Ordering Information

The yearbook is now available for purchase through Treering. Please review important information below:
  • To order, visit
  • All orders are shipped directly to your homes when released.
  • If last year's book is not available on your site, please contact Treering directly at 877-755-8733.
  • All sales are handled through Treering and not by Del Mar High School. Please make sure you order the correct year.
Should you have any general questions about the yearbook, please contact Mrs. Chase at [email protected].