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Senior Info 2023

2023 Senior Events and Graduation Information - Updated as of May 25, 2023


Graduation Livestream Announcement!

We're happy to let you know that the graduation will be live-streamed for graduates' families and friends by SOS Entertainment. To view, please visit this link:
graduation livestream

We are excited to celebrate the Class of 2023!

SENIOR INFO ZOOM SESSION: To view important information shared by Ms. Gardner zia zoom, visit



Information previously shared with senior families outlining upcoming events and graduation has been updated, and is provided in the sections below:
  • May 30th - Senior Checkout
  • May 30th - Senior Beach Day (Optional)
  • May 31st - Graduation Tickets
  • May 31st and June 1st - Mandatory Graduation Practices
  • June 1st - Lynhaven Visit After Graduation Practice
  • June 1st - Diploma Distribution
  • June 1st - Graduation Check In & Ceremony
  • Important - Senior Vandalism Repercussions

Senior visits

At the end of April and in the beginning of May, Mr. Lopez and Ms. Gardner will be visiting students during English. The information below will be covered, in addition to other information about what is expected during the spring for Seniors.

Video - The Road to Graduation 2023

Ms. Gardner has posted important information on the road to graduation in the video below.

Contact us if you are unable to attend Graduation

If your student is unable or does not wish to participate in the graduation ceremony for any reason, please let your student’s counselor know as soon as possible so we can remove them from our list.

Stay tuned for more information

Please continue to check your email in the coming days and weeks. Ms. Gardner will be sending more information as things get closer to graduation. At any time, should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Gardner at [email protected].
(Video also available at:

Tuesday, May 30th, Senior Checkout begins at 7:30am

Senior checkout is in the cafeteria. Please enter through the back doors, near portable 57. Checkout is mandatory for ALL seniors. Even if you know you have turned in everything, you still need to attend Senior checkout. Here’s a list of the arrival times for each group:

7:30 - 8:15  A-Gi and Senior Beach Day Participants

8:15 - 8:45  Go-O

8:45 - 9:15  P-Z

Please bring the following items:

  • Charged Chromebook, charger, hot spot, etc. 
  • Textbooks/calculators
  • Athletic uniforms and equipment
  • Senior Survey complete
  • FAFSA complete or opt out form complete

PTSA will be providing breakfast, so once you complete checkout you can make a plate and dine with your friends in the quad.


Senior Checkout is mandatory for all students. This is when students will return all Del Mar issued items (Chromebook, textbooks, sports equipment, etc.) and pay any fines. Students should plan to arrive at 8am but exact times will be announced as things get closer. This is NOT a day off for seniors and they are expected to attend Senior Checkout.

Tuesday, May 30th - Senior Beach Day check in at 9:45 at the front of the school

Seniors who purchased tickets for the beach day will meet at the front of the school at 9:45. Make sure you check in with one of the chaperones and board the bus. The bus will leave at 10. Once we get to the boardwalk, anyone who purchased an all day wristband will need to go with me to the season pass office where they will distribute them. You are free to enjoy the beach and boardwalk on your own. At 3:45, we will return to the designated meeting spot and take attendance. The bus will leave at 4pm, so don’t be late.

Some important reminders about Beach Day:

If law enforcement is called for any reason or if you do not check in at 3:45 and miss the bus - your parents will be called and you will lose the privilege of participating in graduation.


Senior beach day is an optional field trip. Students will be taken by bus to Santa Cruz right after senior checkout. They will have the option to purchase the bus ticket for $15, or the bus ticket with an all day ride wristband for $45. Students will return to campus at 5pm. Permission slips are available in room 28. Tickets will be sold online and at the student store.
All students will receive 10 free tickets to graduation. Tickets will be distributed after graduation practice on May 31st. To receive graduation tickets, students must attend all mandatory graduation practices and have no fines or outstanding items that were due at Senior checkout. Students who would like to purchase extra tickets can do so after graduation practice on May 31st and June 1st  in the student store. The graduating Senior needs to be the one to purchase extra tickets.

Wednesday, May 31st - Graduation Practice check in 8:45 at the top of the bowl

Once you are checked in, please head to the home bleachers. These practices are mandatory in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. If you are late you will have detention, which means staying after practice to help clean up. It can be hot on the field, so come prepared. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water and a snack. If you are wearing special shoes for the ceremony, make sure to bring them so you can practice walking on the turf and up and down the ramp to the stage. Please pay attention, so we can get through these practices as quickly as possible.

During this practice, we will run through the graduation program, when to sit and stand and then we will practice walking across the stage. At this time, Mr. Lopez will hand you your graduation tickets (in place of your diploma). You will not receive your tickets if you have any outstanding fines or have items that need to be returned. 

**After practice, the student store will be open and you can purchase additional graduation tickets.**

Thursday, June 1st - Graduation Practice check in 8:45 in the cafeteria

Once you are checked in, we will line up in the cafeteria and get ready to practice the processional. We will run through the entire graduation program and this time when you cross the stage, Mr. Lopez will hand you your diploma in an envelope. Please take this home and put it in a safe place. At graduation, you will receive the diploma cover.

**After practice, the student store will be open and you can purchase additional graduation tickets.**


Students will need to come to campus on these days to participate in mandatory graduation practices. During these practices students will learn how to walk in and out of the ceremony, and go through the entire program. Practice will begin in the morning, times will be announced as it gets closer, however, please keep the days open because they do go long. Students need to be on time and present in order for these to go smoothly and to get done quickly. It does get hot down in the stadium so please be prepared to wear a hat, sunscreen, and bring water or whatever else necessary. We will practice on June 1st, the morning of the ceremony. We do our best to make this one short but it is imperative that students are at each practice for their entirety. ALL practices are MANDATORY. Students who are absent from Grad Practice will forfeit participating in the ceremony.

Thursday, June 1st - Lynhaven Visit - after practice

I talked about Lynhaven during the webinar and when I visited classes. Del Mar has a tradition with Lynhaven that we would like to keep alive. All graduating seniors are welcome to attend. After practice, please let me know if you plan on meeting me there. We will not be supplying transportation. Remember to bring your cap and gown. We will meet in their main office, where you can put on your cap and gown, then everyone will walk the halls and wave to the students.

Students do not get their actual diploma when they cross the stage (so they don’t lose it in the chaos of the ceremony). Diplomas will be handed out AFTER graduation practice on June 1st. Students should take their diploma home and store it somewhere safe. During the ceremony, students will get an empty diploma holder to hold in their photo as they cross the stage.

Thursday, June 1st - Graduation check in 3:30 in the cafeteria

Seniors should come with their gown in hand and with all of their stoles, cords, etc. Once students have arrived they may not leave the cafeteria before the ceremony begins. No one besides the seniors are allowed in the cafeteria. Do not bring anything with you that you can lose or leave behind - purses, backpacks, clothing, the cafeteria will be locked after the ceremony.

Other Details:

  • Gates will open at 3:30 for families to come in and get seats. Seating and parking are based on a first come, first serve basis. Parking across the street in the business parking lot is prohibited and cars will get towed.
  • Water and snacks will be sold. Only cash will be accepted. Exact change is appreciated. Water is $3/bottle and snacks will be $2/each.

  • During the ceremony, a professional photographer will take a photograph of each graduate once they have walked off of the stage. The order information for that professional photo is printed on the back of the graduation tickets. Parents and guests are required to stay in the audience and off the track until the recessional has been completed and all graduates are off the field. Informal photographs can be taken after the ceremony, in the quad.

Graduation is June 1st at 5pm in the football stadium.
  • During the ceremony, a professional photographer will take a photograph of each graduate at the moment of diploma presentation. The order information for that professional photo will be available on the day of graduation. Parents and guests are to remain in the audience and off the track until the recessional has been completed and all graduates are off the field. Informal photographs can be taken after the ceremony, in the quad.
  • The event will be live streamed by SOS Entertainment. A link will be sent out when the date gets closer and will be posted on our website.
  • Gates will open at 3:30 for families to come in and get seats. Seating and parking are based on a first come, first serve basis. Parking across the street in the business parking lot is prohibited and you will get towed.
  • Student arrival time is 3:30 to the cafeteria. Students should come with their gown in hand so we can see that students have not brought in any beach balls, etc under their gown.
Del Mar is occasionally victimized by senior vandalism. Although these pranks generally don’t begin with a destructive motive, they almost always end up that way. Students involved in any type of prank or vandalism may be subject to the following: suspension, pay for damages, and/or forfeit the opportunity to participate in graduation. If you become aware of any unauthorized event (i.e. Senior Ditch Day) please notify the office, as these events could turn out to be pranks. Any senior who misbehaves for any reason before the day of graduation, you are at risk of losing the privilege to participate in graduation.
On April 26th, we will distribute caps and gowns. This will happen during English class. All seniors will need to pick up their cap and gown on this day so that they are prepared for the graduation ceremony. We will not hand out caps and gowns on the day of the ceremony. All students are expected to show up on June 1st with their cap on and their gown in hand. I suggest taking the cap and gown out of the bag the day you get it and hanging it so it is not wrinkled. In addition, please try on the cap and gown to ensure they fit properly (i.e. not too long so you’re tripping on it, make sure your cap fits, etc). If there is anything wrong with your cap and gown, bring it to Room 28 ASAP so we can get you one that fits correctly. We do have extras so if you did not order, we will provide one for you but we cannot guarantee the correct size.
Seniors will be able to access the required Senior Survey in their Naviance account in the beginning of May and will receive instructions during their flex period. Completing the Senior Survey is a required part of Senior Checkout and lets the school know where to send students’ final transcripts and IB scores after they graduate.
Seniors will take their finals on May 25 & 26. Students should finish with strong attendance to ensure they do not miss any work or important information for their final exams or projects. In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, all seniors must pass the necessary classes needed to meet graduation requirements. Please adhere to all assignment deadlines put forth by teachers. Students who do not pass classes needed for graduation will have to attend summer school and cannot participate in the graduation ceremony on June 1st.

Senior Portraits

Yearbook photos 

Please be advised the deadline has passed for inclusion in the 2022-23 yearbook.


Now & Forever Studios

Now & Forever Studios offers year-round portrait sessions for seniors. Please visit their website to learn more about packages they offer or to schedule an appointment: Should you have any questions, please contact the studio directly. Del Mar High School is not able to assist in this area.


2022-23 Yearbook Ordering Information

The yearbook is available for purchase through Treering. All sales are only handled by Treering and not by Del Mar High School. Please review important information below:
  • Treering's customer service is great and can handle all questions. The school is not able to answer sales or shipping questions. You can contact Treering by phone at 1-877-755-8733.
  • To order a yearbook, please visit
  • The cost of the yearbook is approximately $70 which includes taxes and shipping. 
  • All orders are estimated to deliver in July and shipped by Treering directly to students' homes.
  • Students can purchase any book from 2020 onwards. Please make sure you order the correct year. Note: if last year's book is not available on your site, please contact Treering.
  • Senior Recognition Ads:
    • Senior ads (sometimes called Baby Ads by parents) are also purchased and created through the Treering website. The due date for those is 5/20/2023 - the date is not negotiable. Senior families can create the smallest size ad for free.
    • There is no other "baby photo" opportunity in the yearbook (which is a common misconception).
  • Student Name Change:
    • This option is no longer avaialble.
Should you have any general questions about the yearbook, please contact Mrs. Chase at [email protected].