CASSY & Uplift Counselors

CASSY and Uplift Counselors offer both individual and group counseling as additional support options on campus. Referrals are made by teachers, counselors and administrators.  Parents and students can contact guidance counselors to self refer as well.  

Counseling is offered for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Emotional / mental health
  • Family / home issues
  • Grief counseling
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical health
  • Behavior
Image of CASSY Therapist, Rebecca   Rebecca Warton, Hometown: Oakland, California

Ms. Warton's Alma Maters: Undergrad - UCSC - BA in Anthropology; Undergrad - UC Berkeley - Post Baccalaureate in Psychology; Grad School - The California Institute of Integral Studies - MA in Integral Counseling.


The best part of Ms. Warton's job:  "I absolutely delight in connecting with students.  Being a part of their "Adult Resources" is an honor and privileged I hold close to my heart.


Ms. Warton's tips for success at Del Mar:  "Listen to the wisdom of your inner voice.  Ask questions of teachers and friends so that you stay engaged with your classes, teachers and the social support of fellowship with peers."

An interesting fact about Ms. Warton:  "I love traveling and eating different cuisines.  I financed much of my young adult traveling through working at a local restaurant in Capitola.  I share this to inspire youth who want to see the world but are reluctant to believe they can due to the cost to go.  In my career as a Psychotherapist I have worked in Elementary School, High School and College sites.  I am also a Meditation Mindfulness Teacher and integrate a number of different therapeutic interventions in my work with students!"
Jill Schwerin, Hometown: San Jose, CA and Winchester, MA

Ms. Schwerin's Alma Maters: Undergrad - DeAnza College - AA in Social and Behavioral Psychology; Undergrad - CSU Humboldt - BA in Psychology; Grad School - The California Institute of Integral Studies - MA in Counseling Psychology; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #113754.


The best part of Ms. Schwerin's job:  "I love what I do. It is a priviledge to be able to have someone's confidence and assist them with their emotional issues.  I'm always curious about human behavior and the human psyche.  This is something that feels like a calling for me.


Ms. Schwerin's tips for success at Del Mar:  "Ask for help. Say something to anyone who works in the school. We want to see you suceed. We really care about you."

An interesting fact about Ms. Schwerin:  "My first love was fine arts. I attended the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. I was a working fine artist for many years. My family has lived in California since 1848 and were part of the gold rush. We now have 6 generations here and are working on the 7th."

The Empowering Our Community for Success program is hosted by Del Mar and held on campus by Danny Chavez.  The program is designed to work with freshmen and sophomores who need extra guidance and support.  

Some of the features of the program are:

  • Male Empowerment Group
  • Female Empowerment Group
  • Individual counseling
  • After school tutoring support

For more information on counseling and support, please contact your student’s Assistant Principal: