CASSY & Uplift Counselors

Our Wellness Center is open and welcomes all students! The Center in Room 83 and is a safe place to go where an Uplift Counselor is available throughout the school day to provide support services to students. Parents, Staff and Students may also refer a student using the following confidential form. Click on the button below to access the form.

CASSY and Uplift Counselors offer both individual and group counseling as additional support options on campus. Referrals are made by teachers, counselors and administrators.


Counseling is offered for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Emotional / mental health
  • Family / home issues
  • Grief counseling
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical health
  • Behavior
monica burton 
Hometown: Bay Area, California

Ms. Burton's Alma Maters: Chapman University (BA) and John F. Kennedy University (MA).


The best part of Ms. Burton's job:  "Supporting ALL students with everyday stress and life's challenges, building on their resilience and further aiding their overall wellness!" 


Ms. Burton's tips for success at Del Mar:  "In each moment, do your best; attune to what you need and know when to ask for help, because help is here."

An interesting fact about Ms. Burton:  "I am Rumsen (Ohlone) California Indigenous woman who enjoys yoga, plyometrics and calisthenics exercises, reading, making art, writing, and advocating for social and racial justice."
The Empowering Our Community for Success program is hosted by Del Mar and held on campus by Danny Chavez.  The program is designed to work with freshmen and sophomores who need extra guidance and support.  

Some of the features of the program are:

  • Male Empowerment Group
  • Female Empowerment Group
  • Individual counseling
  • After school tutoring support

For more information on counseling and support, please contact your student’s Assistant Principal: