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Our Students

We're proud to feature our Students!

On this webpage, we'll be highlighting inspiring students, clubs, events, and student groups' efforts that make a difference for their peers and the community.

Sarah's Wellness Garden - April 2024

We're very happy to recognize our Senior - Sarah Quintana - for creating Del Mar High School's new Wellness Garden! The garden opened last week and was part of Sarah’s Eagle project, that took months of planning and dedication to bring it to life. Sarah wanted a place where students could find peace and serenity on campus. When you’re next on campus, please visit the garden, located near room 73.
We love it!
wellness garden
wellness garden

Congratulations to 2024 Student-Athletes - Zoey, Valerie, Andre and Javier - March 2024

The CUHSD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Bravo recognized our students at the March 21st board meeting for their outstanding achievements in athletics and academics. We're proud of you, Dons!

Zoey - Girls Basketball

Zoey was awarded a certificate in recognition of exceptional athletic achievement, notably for setting new girls' basketball records at Del Mar for the highest number of points scored in a single game, the greatest number of rebounds in a game, and unprecedented rebounds in the third round of the CCS playoffs, marking the deepest run in the history of Del Mar girls' basketball. Additionally, this acknowledges Zoey's academic excellence, exemplified by sustaining a 4.0 GPA as a distinguished student-athlete.

Valerie - Field Hockey, Girls Soccer and Track & Field

Valerie was awarded a certificate in recognition of athletic achievement and leadership as exemplified in competitive excellence across three sports: Field Hockey, Girls Soccer, and Track. Throughout four years at Del Mar, Valerie has captained these programs, demonstrating leadership by example. Beyond athletic achievements, this student-athlete has extended their dedication to active community involvement and student outreach as part of the ASB, all while maintaining an impressive 4.14 GPA.

Andre - Football

Andre was awarded a certificate in honor of an outstanding three-year Del Mar varsity quarterback who eclipsed 2,000 rushing yards in his senior year. A two-time First Team All-League honoree and 2023 West Valley Champion and 2023 West Valley MVP. Additionally, this student-athlete demonstrated exceptional talent and leadership, and was ultimately selected to participate in both the GSF and Charlie Wedemeyer All-Star games.

Javier - Boys Soccer

Javier was awarded a certificate acknowledging the exceptional achievements of a distinguished athlete who earned the title of Sophomore of the Year in the Santa Teresa Division and was selected for the First Team All-League, following an impressive season with 18 goals. As a sophomore captain, this student-athlete led the Del Mar Dons to a #1 seed and a berth in the Semi-final CCS, demonstrating remarkable leadership and skill on the field.
del mar student athletes recognized at district board meeting
(Photo Courtesy: Campbell Union High School District)

Dons Think Pink - October 2023

During the month of October the Del Mar Associated Student Body (ASB), dedicates a week, Think Pink Week, to fundraise and spread awareness about Breast Cancer. Think Pink was not just to fundraise for Cancer CAREpoint, the organization ASB has partnered with for over five years now, but also to help raise awareness and to extend support to those who need it with the help of the community. Throughout Think Pink Week ASB hosted several fundraisers and sold merchandise, with all profits made going directly to Cancer CAREpoint to help cancer patients and their families receive counseling, assistance, resources, and education.
Del Mar raised over $1200 with the help of the student body, community and staff. ASB would like to extend their thanks to all who participated.
what is think pink students fundraise for think pink what does asb do for think pink

Dons and CUHSD make a difference for Ukraine with Kids Against Hunger - February 2023

Our Leadership students, together with their peers from Branham, Leigh, Prospect and Westmont, gathered at Del Mar on February 1st, for a District Day of Service. The event was organized with Kids Against Hunger to package meals for Ukraine - an organization whose goals is, "feeding starving children and empowering kids, teen and adults to be part of the solution. We do this by using volunteers to package and ship highly nutritious, life-saving meals to starving and malnourished children in developing countries and the United States." (Source:


(Video also available at:
The five leadership classes assembled thousands of meals in only 1 1/2 hours. "We were all super excited to find out that we packed a total of 31,240 meals much than more than expected. It was great to work with the other schools' leadership classes! " - Samantha Green, Sophomore Class President, 2022-2023
Thank you, Dons and all CUHSD Leaders, for making a huge difference for children in Ukraine and around the world!


leadership class at kids against hunger day of service


Well done, IB Artists - March 2022

The annual IB Art Exhibition showcased ten students' works in visual arts. IB Art is a course that encourages students to challenge their creative and cultural expectations and boundaries, and develop analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, all while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers (source: IB Diploma Programme Visual Arts Course via Our IB Artists presented inspiring, thought-provoking and stunning pieces that will be submitted to the IB Organization as part of the IB Assessment evaluation. Ms. Salinas and Ms. Masterman have worked with these students over the past two years and prepared a beautiful event to salute their work and dedication to the arts. Congratulations and well done, Dons!

ib art exhibition 2022


Congratulations, Student Empathy Grant Recipients - March 2022

We’d like to congratulate Allen, Angel, S.A. and Ms. Momin on receiving a $2,500 Student Empathy Grant from the CUHSD Education Foundation! The team’s “Caring for Others” project will use the grant to begin a school-wide recycling program.

"We are excited to spend the money from this Empathy Grant - Caring for Others - so that we recycle our plastic water bottles and soda cans. We love Del Mar and we want our school to recycle!" - Allen, Angel, S.A. and Ms. Momin.

Thank you for caring about Del Mar, the earth, and each other, Dons!

student empathy grant project recipients 2022

The Annual Art Show Featured Talented Artists - January 2022

The annual Art Show showcased fine works from our talented students in Drawing Painting & Design, Digital Photography, 3D Design (Ceramics & Sculpture,) and IB Art. To view pieces featured in the show and and more artwork from our students, please visit Del Mar's Arts website, at:
ceramic masks on display at del mar art show   drawings and paintings on display at del mar art show

IB Can Be For Everyone - January 2022

“Can IB Be For Me?” was held in person this year. The event offered a great opportunity for students to learn about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, and hear from current and alumni IB students about the courses and diploma, balancing academics with extracurriculars, and more.
can ib be for me event on jan  13 2022   puede ib ser para mi?

The Don's Crew Wraps Up the Semester with Cocoa and Cram - December 2021

Our Don's Crew students are hosting their annual "Cocoa and Cram," this week!  The Crew will offer support and tutoring help to freshmen as they prepare for and study for final exams. 
Thank you to our upper class Dons, for this simple gesture that makes a big difference!
cocoa and cram on dec 16 2021

Students Think Pink and Make a Difference for Cancer CAREpoint - October 2021

Our students are planning various events throughout Think Pink Week, including selling pink tees where proceeds are donated to Cancer CAREPoint, collecting hair donations for Locks of Love, and other fundraisers as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Students may purchase a pink tee or pink lanyard in the student store - act fast as quantities are limited. To make a donation, please visit our webstore.
Thank you, Dons, for doing your part to make a difference for cancer patients, survivors, their families and those caring for them!
think pink week fundraisers

The Del Mar Dress Closet Shares Special Wear for Homecoming - August 2021

It is heartwarming to see our students introduce Del Mar's Dress Closet - a group of giving students collecting formal wear for their peers who may need or want something for special occasions. With Homecoming just around the corner, the Dress Closet is offering students the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a long awaited on-campus celebration!  To learn more on how you can donate, please contact the Dress Closet at [email protected]


Thank you for sharing your time and special wear, Dons!


del mar dress closet

(Graphic Courtesy: Del Mar Dress Closet Student Organizers)


IB HOTA Seniors Address World Issues - May 2021

We're proud to share our Seniors' infographics that address current world issues around the Climate Change and AAPI Hate. These infographics are part of the IB History of the Americas (HOTA) Year 2 coursework. Thank you, Aspleny and Princess, for bringing attention to these important matters. Your effort is appreciated and recognized!


Climate Change - by Aspleny Rivas Flores, Class of 2021

"I want to address the importance of climate change and how we can help in stopping it. Humans are the main contributors to climate change and the only ones who can make a change for the better of the planet." (Posted with permission from Aspleny Rivas Flores)
climate change1 climate change2 climate change3

AAPI Against Hate - by Princess Janine Toliao, Class of 2021


"The message of my artwork is to raise awareness that the AAPI Community is already suffering from the impacts of COVID-19 and shouldn’t be discriminated/oppressed/blamed for the pandemic. AAPI has also lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, lost their homes, and are angry about the pandemic however, they don’t blame others." (Posted with permission from Princess Janine Toliao)


people wearing masks waiting for out of stock vaccine


Del Mar's ASB Hosts Women's Month Donation Drive for Sacred Heart - March 2021

As part Women's Month, our ASB Students organized a donation event on March 31st for Sacred Heart. Families and community members drove in their donations and our students were able to collect many items for those in need.
Thank you, ASB, for your kindness and always caring for everyone around you!
students welcome community at women's month donation drive  students at table accepting items during women's month donation drive

Del Mar's IB Students Featured on International IBO Diploma Program Event - March 2021

Thank you to our IB Diploma/Course Candidates and Jessica Olamit, for proudly representing Del Mar High School and the International Baccalaureate Programme at the recent international IB event, “Is the IB DP for me?” Students shared inspiring and down-to-earth stories of their personal experiences, challenges and triumphs, while taking IB courses.
We're proud to hear our students encouraging their peers in the worldwide IB community to work hard, persevere, and enjoy learning so to keep reaching their potential!
To learn more about IB, please visit our webpage at:
del mar students featured in ib international webinar on march 17 2021