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Measure AA - Del Mar Facilities Plan & Update

Measure AA is bringing many exciting changes to Del Mar High School!
Del Mar and CUHSD want the most updated and accessible facility for their students. Students' comfort, safety, and access to advanced technology is of utmost importance.
Image of MeasureAA Master Plan Progress Map as of August 29, 2019
1) HVAC Modernization System, Phase 1
2) Athletics Department Upgrades:
  • Replacement of Athletics Field*
Image of new Athletic Field
  • New Scoreboard in Gymnasium
Image of new gymnasium scoreboard
  • New Athletic Field Scoreboard & New Baseball/Softball Field Scoreboards
Image of new athletic field scoreboard
3) New Water Fountains/Bottle Fillers
Image of new water fountain and bottle filler
4) New Marquee Sign at Del Mar Avenue & Stokes Avenue
Image of new school marquee sign at Del Mar Avenue & Stokes Avenue
5) Music and Choir Room Remodel*
image of new music room 
image of new music room
6) New Press Box*
image of new press box1  
image of new press box2
7) Tennis Courts Repaired and Resurfaced
Image of new tennis courts at Del Mar
8) Aquatic Center & Swimming Pool Remodel
new swimming pool design               
9) New Classroom Furniture
image of new classroom furniture1
image of new classroom furniture2
image of new classroom furniture3
Note: all photos taken with permission from Del Mar Faculty
10) New Kitchen
kitchen food
11) New Admin Building and Front Entry (furniture installation in October 2022)
new admin building
new admin building
Admin building with new front landscaping*
new admin building
12) New Library Including a Tech Center and the College & Career Center (furniture installation in September 2022)
new admin building
13) Gymnasium floor completion
new gym floor
new gym floor
14) Fire Alarm System Upgrade
15) New Campus Fencing
16) New Softball Dugouts
17) Interior Seismic Retrofit in Gymnasium, including upgraded air conditioning system (new roof almost complete)
18) New ROTC Portable Classroom
19) Upgraded Security Cameras and Emergency Notification System
20) Replacement of Performing Arts Center Curtains
21) Upgraded Energy Management System
22) Building J seismic upgrades on classrooms 1, 2 and 3
1) Security door access system (hardware project) - currently being completed after school hours
2) New HVAC for small gym, coaches office, training room - anticipated completion in October 2022
3) Construction of one new classroom and staff lounge in building previously housing student services - construction estimated to begin November 2022
4) Redesign of L, K and G classroom buildings - architectural designs to be gathered in Fall 2022
5) Modernization and remodeling of bathrooms
Note: Upcoming improvements are in a development, design, request for proposal, DSA (Division of State Architect) approval, and/or construction phase. Further information will be posted as it becomes available.
Below is the the most recent Daily Construction Update as provided by CUHSD. Please note: schedules are provided by Campbell Union High School District's Facilities Department, and are subject to change as upgrades are constructed/completed.
The following documents are included in the Archives section below:
1) Del Mar MeasureAA Master Plan Map - Original **
2) Del Mar MeasureAA Master Plan Progress Map - Updated as of March 15, 2018
3) Past Del Mar MeasureAA Construction Schedules
All Master Plan and Construction Schedule information is provided by: CUHSD Business Division.
* Photos courtesy of CUHSD Facilities Department.
** Architect Renderings are not to scale and subject to change.