Campus Calendars » Bell Schedule & Odd/Even Days Calendar 2023-24

Bell Schedule & Odd/Even Days Calendar 2023-24

Below you will find the 2023-24 Bell Schedule as well as the Odd/Even Days Calendar. Please contact us should you have any questions.
The flex period is assigned time for students to get additional academic support, make up missing assignments and assessments, and recover grades during the school week. Based on feedback from students, staff, and parents, we have included two 40-minute flex periods a week. We will no longer have an advisory period, which currently occurs weekly on Wednesdays for 30 minutes.
Currently, only a small percentage of students take a first period course because it is seen as an optional period. We want all of our courses to be part of the regular school day, so that all of our students have access to the course offerings available to them.

Students will be given the option to request periods 1-6, periods 2-7, or periods 1-7. Our guidance counselors will do their best to accommodate student preferences, but depending on course availability, students may not get their preferred choice. Students will only be given 7 classes by request.

A survey will be sent home with the annual course request letters in mid April. Please be on the lookout for that letter!

Athletic practices will begin approximately 15-20 minutes after the last bell rings. Depending on the sport, athletic contests will begin at 4pm at the earliest, but start times for some athletic contests may vary. Student athletes will be pulled out of class at approximately 2:00-2:15pm for most away games. 

Band practices will be pushed 30 minutes later from 6:00-9:00pm. (Tues. & Thurs. Only)

Theatre Rehearsals will begin @15 min after the end of the day.

The inclusion of the “C-day” schedule enables students to meet with their teachers consistently three times every week. Having the “C-day” also ensures that our “A” and “B” days are on the same days every week. Currently, the rotating “A” and “B” day schedules each week creates a lot of confusion for students.

For these reasons, the “C-day” schedule on Wednesdays will be shortened to 50 minutes per period so that students can attend all of the classes on their schedules.