Activities, ASB & Clubs

Student Activities

The Director of Student Activities operates out of the Activities Office. This is also where the Leadership Class meets every day during first period. This class serves at the government of the student body. Students can enter this class by running and winning an office or applying to be on a committee. The class is better known as ASB, meaning associated student body. This group of highly motivated students is in charge of running all activities on campus. They also host the school rallies, homecoming, junior/ senior prom, international day, air jam and the dances just to name a few. Every student is encouraged to participate in school activities, not only for pleasure, but also for self-development. Being a member of a team, holding an office, serving on a committee, or being a successful participant is valuable experience that helps students make a connection with school. Students with a strong connection with school, do better academically than students who do not get involved. Discover your interests, polish your talents, and get involved*.


Any student can join a club by participating in Club Rush which takes place in early September during a designated lunch. Students are encouraged to find a club that interests them and join. Students can also start their own club. The information on starting a club can be obtained from the Activities Director. This process needs to take place as soon as school starts in order to get the club approved in time for Club Rush. To view a list of current clubs, please visit Clubs at Del Mar, at:

ASB Leadership

Del Mar’s Student Council is composed of the ASB (Associated Student Body) officers and class officers. The ASB elects officers serve for one year terms. The classes elect officers and representatives. ASB meets daily with the Activities Director to approve fundraisers and expenditures, to plan special events, and to discuss issues of concern to the students.

Student Body ID Cards

All students receive and must carry with them their student ID Card which they receive at registration. Student ID cards must be presented when ever a teacher, administrator, or staff member asks to see it. They are used to purchase anything through the student store, check out books, and should be displayed when using the computer labs.

Students must use their ID card to obtain lunch in the Del Mar Kitchen or at one of the mobile lunch carts.

Participation Note

* Certain extra curricular and co-curricular activities require that students have a GPA of 2.0 in order to participate. These include: Cheerleading, After School Marching Band, Musicals, Drama Productions, All Athletic Teams, and Leadership Class.