Academic Courses Overview

Del Mar High School and the Campbell Union High School District are known for offering rigorous academic courses* with a rich and comprehensive extracurricular program that includes vocational offerings.
To address students' needs and learning styles, Del Mar proudly provides:
  • A rigorous curriculum integrated with real-world experiences.
  • Collaboration among teachers/staff, students, parents and community partners.
  • An inclusive environment where all students have access to learning.
  • An environment that is both physically and emotionally safe.
  • Support programs for students to enhance growth.
  • Professional development for our faculty and staff.
* To review all academic courses, course numbers, terms, grade levels, specific curriculum details, A-G credits, and UC/CSU designations, please refer to the 2022-23 CUHSD Course Catalog, at:
Please note the Course Catalog is subject to change as student and school needs change. Should you require any information, please speak with your Guidance Counselor.