Academic Courses Overview

Del Mar High School and the Campbell Union High School District are known for offering rigorous academic courses* with a rich and comprehensive extracurricular program that includes vocational offerings.
To address students' needs and learning styles, Del Mar proudly provides:
  • A rigorous curriculum integrated with real-world experiences.
  • Collaboration among teachers/staff, students, parents and community partners.
  • An inclusive environment where all students have access to learning.
  • An environment that is both physically and emotionally safe.
  • Support programs for students to enhance growth.
  • Professional development for our faculty and staff.
* To review all academic courses, course numbers, terms, grade levels, specific curriculum details, A-G credits, and UC/CSU designations, please refer to the 2021-22 CUHSD Course Catalog* below.
Please note the Course Catalog is subject to change as student and school needs change. Should you require any information, please speak with your Guidance Counselor.
* Due to technical difficulty, we are unable to guarantee full accessibility of this document. Please contact us if we can provide this information in an alternate format. We apologize for any inconvenience.