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About Me

My name is Mireya Alcala Montalvo, my pronouns are She/Her/They/Them. 
I graduated in 2010 and I am thrilled to be back on campus and part of the Bilingual Aide team. I would be lying if i said younger me would ever picture adult me at my old campus as part of the staff team. Life has come full circle!!! It's a privilege to be able to provide support and representation for our students here at DelMar High School. 
I dedicate my free time hosting a support group for survivors of Sexual Assault. I love to spend quality time with my partner, family, friend's and my emotional support animal "Pancho <3". I collect sneakers, graphic tee's and all things "mini". I enjoy live music, sunsets and sunrises at the beach & trying new foods. I am a big kid at heart, I am a huge fan of Spongebob Squarepants and Batman! 
If you are in need of assistance feel free to contact me.