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About Me

This is Ms. Davison! Please note that there is no 'd' in the middle of my last name.
Background and Interests:
I was born and raised in Woodside, California (in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and now live in San Jose. I have a younger brother, Andy, who works on political campaigns. He graduated from Drew University and lives in Boston. My parents live in Ashland, Oregon and have a Portuguese Water Dog name Jaco who loves to steal and hide shoes!
In my free time I enjoy reading (War & Peace is one of my favorites), drinking tea and coffee with friends, going to concerts, and playing music. I play the cello and was trained as an operatic soprano. I also love to travel! I have been to most of the states in the U.S. and have also traveled through much of Europe.

I have a colorful work history. I was a corporate law clerk in San Jose, worked as an activist to improve the recycling of electronics, and conducted a middle school orchestra. I also worked as a Barista at Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I make a mean cappuccino!
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I earned a B.A at Occidental College (majored in History and Music), an M.A. at
California State University, East Bay (History with an emphasis in Teaching), and another M.A. at Stanford
University (Education). I have also studied in Vienna, Prague, and Tokyo.
Club Everytown:
At Del Mar, I am the Coordinator for Everytown. The purpose of Club Everytown is to create positive change by raising awareness of campus issues and the power of small actions. Club Everytown aims to build a safe place for students to voice opinions and express themselves through empowerment and positive encouragement. We also attend Camp Everytown twice a year, which is run by Silicon Valley FACES:  Camp Everytown
I have always wanted to be a teacher, but it took me a while to decide which subject to teach. For much of my schooling I hated history. Memorizing dates and the details of the lives of long-dead figures struck me as dull and monotonous. Mr. Lawhon, my AP U.S. History teacher, changed that. He showed me that history was fiercely debated and often a matter of perspective. My interest in teaching history was sparked and the flame has never gone out.

Favorite Quote: Coming soon!