Del Mar High School

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Photo of Welcome Back Del Mar Banner
Photo of Del Mar Students and Teacher in quad after jersey gift exchange
Photo of Del Mar quad with IB Learner Profile lamppost signs
Photo of Seniors Dancing at 2017 Battle of the Classes
Photo of Seniors' Decorated Wall in Del Mar Corridor
Photo of Del Mar Energy Bus
Photo of Juniors Dancing at 2017 Battle of the Classes
Photo of Juniors' Decorated Wall in Del Mar Corridor
Photo of Bowl Scoreboard showing Home of the Dons
Photo of Sophomores Dancing at 2017 Battle of the Classes
Photo of Sophomores' Decorated Wall in Del Mar Corridor
Photo of Removed Athletic Field
Photo of Freshmen Dancing at 2017 Battle of the Classes
Photo of Freshmen's Decorated Wall in Del Mar Corridor
Photo of Principal Baldwin and Science Educators
Photo of Front of Del Mar

Del Mar High School

Image of Del Mar High School sign at front of school

Del Mar High School is located in the heart of Silicon Valley within the boundaries of the Campbell Union High School District, is a comprehensive four year high school which services a socio-economically and ethnically diverse population of students. The area surrounding Del Mar is comprised of high density apartment buildings, single family homes, retail businesses, light industry and the home campus of eBay. There has been a steady decline in enrollment since 2010. There has been a steady increase in the Hispanic/Latino population for the past five years.  However, starting in 2014/2015 this trend is beginning to reverse.

Del Mar High School, along with other schools in the district, has received tremendous financial support over the past decade in the form of bonds and parcel taxes which were voted on an approved by the greater Campbell Union High School Committee. It began in 1999 with a 95 million dollar bond measure which was approved by the tax payers resulting in structural upgrades for Del Mar High School. These funds mostly went to the refurbishing of all standard classrooms on Del Mar’s campus. It also created a new science wing which opened in the fall of 2005. An additional bond passed in 2006 helped finish the renovation of the student service center and the home economics wing. Del Mar’s gym and locker rooms also benefited from an additional bond in 2008. This plan also included the redesign and construction of a new quad in the center of campus including brick pavers, a new drainage system, lawn, trees, and new tables and bench equipment. Plans are currently being drawn up for a new state of the art library which will also increase in square footage compared to the current structure. The band and choir room next to the cafeteria is also scheduled to be refurbished.

School Vision

A Del Mar High School education ensures that all students:

  • Develop responsibility and self-direction
  • Engage as compassionate members in a global society
  • Lead by example in academics and community service
  • Model individuality and embrace cultural diversity
  • Actively seek understanding through breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Rely on critical thinking

School Safety

Del Mar is a secure campus. It is closed which means that students are not permitted to leave campus during breaks or lunch. All visitors must sign in at the main office where they receive a badge to identify them to students and staff that they have permission to visit the campus. Non Del Mar students are not allowed to be on campus during regular school hours. The school safety plan is updated and reviewed by the Assistant Principals with staff members annually to promote a safe campus even in an emergency situation. Del mar High School also utilizes the services of the San Jose police department and has one or two officers every day to support the safety on and off campus.

School Purpose  

The past six years have seen many changes for Del Mar High School. Most of these changes are in the areas of personnel including the teaching staff and site administrative team. With the shift to IB, the school has a focus on rigorous learning and building up the attributes of it's community of learners.  The school is currently under the leadership of Jennifer Baldwin who took over as Principal in 2012-2013 school year. The vision of Del Mar is to be the best "like school" in the state.

School Location 

1224 Del Mar Avenue

San Jose, CA 95128

Main: (408) 626-3403
Fax:   (408) 295-9476 Main Office
Fax:   (408) 626-3622 Student Service Center