Who We Are

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Our Community

Del Mar High School is located in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. With an estimated population over one million, it is the third most populous city in California after Los Angeles and San Diego. The community directly surrounding Del Mar is an urban center with a major hospital and tech firms in walking distance.

Our School

Del Mar High School is a four-year comprehensive public school founded in 1959 as part of Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD). Del Mar proudly serves a diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic community. Some of our students live in single family homes in suburban neighborhoods, while the majority of our students live in high density apartment complexes. Del Mar was authorized as an International Baccalaureate World School in January 2016 and offered its first IB courses that fall. The Class of 2018 was the first cohort of students eligible for the IB diploma. All students at Del Mar are issued their own Chromebook and, if necessary, a hotspot to ensure internet access. Del Mar is currently under the leadership of Larry Lopez, Principal since August 2019.

Our Mission

Del Mar High School’s mission is to provide all students the academic and social skills required to be successful in college, career and post high school opportunities. 

Our Vision

We are committed to ensuring a rigorous learning environment for students to be risk takers who embrace challenges, engage in learning experiences that provide new experiences and global perspectives, and to foster a caring community where all students are seen and heard.

Our Goals

  • Increase the percentage of students who are A-G eligible, especially our Emerging Multilingual and Special Education students.
  • Increase enrollment in IB/AP classes.
  • Increase community awareness of social/emotional support services offered at school.
  • Bring new teachers that share our mission and vision.

Our Commitment - The Del Mar High School Way

The wellbeing of our students, teachers, staff and families is our priority. And, we believe everyone can and should be successful. To ensure we provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our students in a supportive and safe environment, we live and learn The Del Mar High School Way!
We have high expectations of ourselves and our community.

As an administration team, you can expect that we will:

  • be visible, accessible and committed to having an open door for all.
  • provide feedback, appropriate follow up on reported issues, and resources and training for staff.
  • be consistent when executing terms stated in the Student Handbook.

All members of the Del Mar High School community will:

  • treat every person with respect, kindness and compassion.
  • maintain a growth mindset.
  • stay informed about school happenings and ask questions to help with understanding.
  • communicate successes and concerns in a timely manner.
  • be present, on time, and engage proactively by being active members of the classroom community, including appropriate use of technology and engagement in all aspects of learning.
  • follow school-wide guidelines

Our Facility

Over the past ten years, Del Mar High School has seen many exciting facility improvements! Projects have been made possible thanks to the generosity of our community in the passing of the Measure AA Bond in November 2016. Large and small construction projects have been completed that address 21st century technological advances, growing student enrollment and emerging needs, vital safety and security enhancements, and more. Improvements serve to improve or compliment Del Mar's academic, social-emotional and extracurricular programs, by offering upgraded classrooms, access to resources, common spaces and athletic facilities. Recently completed projects include: new campus fencing and security system; upgraded HVAC system; upgraded fire alarm system; new kitchen/cafeteria; new athletics field and swimming pool; new band/choir room; new classroom furniture; new administration/student services building; new state-of-the-art library, media and college/career center; a wellness center, and more.

Our Safety Standard

Del Mar is a secure campus. It is closed which means that students are not permitted to leave campus during breaks or lunch. All visitors must sign in at the main office where they receive a badge to identify them to students and staff that they have permission to visit the campus. Non Del Mar students are not allowed to be on campus during regular school hours. The school safety plan is updated and reviewed by the Assistant Principals with staff members annually to promote a safe campus even in an emergency situation. Del Mar High School also utilizes the services of the San Jose Police Department and has one or two officers every day to support the safety on and off campus.

Our Location

1224 Del Mar Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
Main: (408) 626-3403
Fax:   (408) 295-9476 Main Office
Fax:   (408) 626-3622 Student Service Center