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Freshman Family Night 2023

freshman family night freshman family night
Thank you for joining us for Freshman Family Night on August 8, 2023. To view the presentation slides, please visit the links below. 
Should you have any questions, please contact Guidance Counselor.

Tips for Freshmen

Fall Semester

  • Attend Freshman Orientation usually held the week before school starts.
  • Find out where your classes are and where everything is on your new campus (i.e. student store, library, health office, counselor office, lunch lines, etc.)
  • Review your class schedule to make sure there are no mistakes.
  • Meet new friends and surround yourself with good people.
  • Get involved.  Attend Club Rush in September and join a club.
  • Find out when the various sports are offered.
  • Get ready for final exams in December.

Spring Semester

  • Keep your grades up.  Grades do count your freshman year and set the tone for high school!
  • Get ready to pick your classes when you return from winter break in January.
  • Research classes you’re thinking of:  Talk to friends, sophomores, teachers, counselors, etc..
  • Spring finals are in June.   Study, study, study.
  • Plan for summer ... Work?  Volunteer?  Read two books or more.

"Teen Talk" Education During 9th Grade by Health Connected

Each year, 9th grade students receive a two-week Teen Talk course as part of their Physical Education curriculum.

This course is conducted by Health Connected* and includes comprehensive sexuality education, including: lessons on anatomy; sexual identity; relationships; birth control; STIs; consent; and sexual safety. To learn more about the curriculum, please visit their website at


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Announcement: Freshmen Programming - November 2023
Each year, the Del Mar counseling department helps students develop their four-year Academic Plan for classes they plan to take in high school through a process called programming. Beginning this fall semester, counselors will help freshmen students explore our course offerings to meet graduation and college eligibility requirements and draft their plan of classes for high school. The programming process will begin with presentations in freshman English classes and continue with individual counselor meetings over the next several weeks. Students will create and manage their four-year plan through their Aeries account, and we encourage families to review this information together. 
Counselors met with students earlier in November. For reference, below you will links to the information presented to students as well as the courses available to them for next year. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Guidance Counselor.