Guidance Department Overview

Welcome to the Del Mar High School Guidance Department!

Del Mar Counselors offer students support in the achievement of high school goals and preparation for life beyond high school.  Guidance regularly works with students, parents/guardians, staff and teachers to help ensure student success. We meet with students individually, in groups, and during class visits throughout the school year.  

Students can make appointments to meet with their counselor one-on-one, through Canvas or email, at any time throughout the year. Parents and guardians are welcome to schedule a meeting or contact their student’s counselor via Canvas, email or phone.


Kristie Geist
[email protected]
ext. 3127
Counselor (Surnames A-Gi)

Evelyn Beas
[email protected]
ext. 3128
Counselor (Surnames Go-O)

Richard Mendoza
[email protected]
ext. 3123
Counselor (Surnames P-Z)

Brenda Calara
[email protected]
Room 4
College & Career Specialist


Vivian Duran
[email protected]
ext. 3120
Registrar/Guidance Secretary
Fax (408) 626-3622

Our Counselors are happy to speak with you. To make an appointment, please email your Counselor below.
Guidance Counselors    
Geist (Last Names A-Gi)
Before/after school [email protected]
Beas (Last Names Go-O)
Before/after school ([email protected])
Mendoza (Last Names P-Z)
Before/after school [email protected]
College & Career Specialist    
Brenda Calara ([email protected]) All Students