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Performing Arts Courses

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Commercial Music Production

This newer course satisfies a VAPA or CTE elective credit. Learn more and hear some examples or student work by scanning the QR code below, or visiting:

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Performing Arts Pathways*

Image of performing arts course pathways for class of 2021 and beyond
* Please note these pathways are being updated. Please contact your Counselor should you have any questions.
Del Mar High School offers the following Performing Arts courses**.  Visual and Performing Arts A-G graduation requirements and UC/CSU credits are noted as VAPA.
Concert Band
Grade 9-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f)
This course is designed for students with some experience in performance of wind, brass, or percussion instruments. Students learn to read music notation, rhythmic notation, terms and concepts associated with performing, and the fundamentals of performance on the instrument of their choice. This ensemble performs periodically at the school site and possibly off campus.
Concert Choir
Grade 9-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f)
Students gain the knowledge and skills that enable them to sing all levels of music literature in a choir. This principle singing group performs at several concerts, festivals, or other events during the school year. Participation at all performances is required. All aspects of music literature are studied, ranging from early classics to contemporary music.
Grade 9-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f)
This course develops the knowledge of guitar techniques with an emphasis on learning to read music and developing the abilities to learn and understand the playing techniques used in playing the classical guitar.
Symphonic Band - Advanced
Grade 9-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f)

Symphonic Band is a performance-based ensemble open to students who have prior experience on their instrument and the ability to read music. The ensemble consists of wind and brass instruments and percussion. Many styles of music are studied from classical to modern works. Study includes the care and cultivation of tone, building technique, responsible rehearsal habits, listening skills, and the ability to analyze and evaluate music and music performances. Several performances outside the school day may be required.

IB Music SL +
Grade 10-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f), Elective (g)

This one-year course is embedded in the existing Symphonic Band and Concert Choir courses as part of the overall curriculum. In addition to the existing course of study, the IB students will be analyzing and creating written responses based on the Medium, Melody, Harmony, Meter, Form, Style and Context of a wide variety of music from western and non-western cultures and genres. 

Students will also be prepared to analyze and respond to directed questions on the exam related to at least one major work over a two year period. Lastly, the students will hone their listening and critical thinking skills by listening and crafting written responses to examples of music from a wide variety of cultures and genres.

+ UC/CSU Honors (Weighted)

Prerequisite: Students must demonstrate proficiency in Choir, Guitar, or Band.

Theatre I - Beginning
Grade 9-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA**; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f)
This course introduces and provides experience in all aspects of theatre arts. Students study basic principles of acting including character analysis, textual interpretation, voice, movement, collaboration, improvisation, and critical analysis of performance. Additionally, students gain a working knowledge of theatre history and the multiple forms of theatrical performance, as well as the technical aspects of theater and theatrical design. Special emphasis is placed on theatrical vocabulary and codes of conduct, as well as the creation, production, direction of monologues and scenes.  ** This course can satisfy either CTE or VAPA.
Theatre II - Production and Performance
Grade 10-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA**; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f), Elective (g)

This course focuses on styles of acting and performance and theatrical Production. Class work focuses on scene study (including research, direction, stage management, character analysis, setting analysis, and design) and monologues from various theatrical eras and genres. ** This course can satisfy either CTE or VAPA.

Prerequisite: Theatre Arts I


Theatre III - Directing for the Stage
Grade 10-12; A-G Requirement - VAPA; UC/CSU Designation - VAPA (f), Elective (g)

This course provides critical and theoretical opportunities for the student of theatre. Students focus on production elements including directing skills, playwriting, and stage management as well as acting technique using the students enrolled in Theatre 2 as the acting ensemble. This course integrates theatre skills for the career-oriented student featuring extensive amount of work in play/script analysis and the evolution of theatrical art, as well as the study of advanced acting techniques, character analysis, and auditioning methods. Students attend drama seminars, direct portions of a full-length play in the fall, study, explore and finally present a lesson on the historical and cultural content of theatre for a specific period in the winter, and produce several one act plays in the spring. Rehearsals for class projects and productions extend beyond the class, and students are expected to work outside of class time on a semi-regular basis.


Prerequisite: Theatre Arts II - Production and Performance


** For more specific course details, please refer to the 2023-24 CUHSD Course Catalog. Should you require additional information, please speak with your teacher or your Guidance Counselor.
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