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Del Mar High School has a new tardy policy, effective Wednesday, October 10th, 2018.  Please take a moment to review the new tardy policy below:
Del Mar High School tiene una nueva política de llegadas tarde, efectiva a partir del 10 de octubre de 2018.  Por favor tome un momento para revisar la nueva política a continuación:

Attendance and punctuality are extremely important to a student's academic success - students cannot learn if they are not in school.  At Del Mar High School, all teachers are committed to "bell to bell instruction."  Students are expected to be in their seats with all of their materials (e.g. Chromebook) when the bell rings.
Students are required by State law and District policy to attend school on a regular basis. Any student missing an excessive number of days will be subject to a review by the Assistant Principal and may face possible truancy proceedings. 
A student is considered truant if a parent/guardian does not excuse an absence by calling the 24-hour attendance line (408) 558-3063) or speaking directly with the attendance clerk. If a student has excessive truants, they will be considered willfully defiant of the authority of the school and subject to other disciplinary action. According to California Education Code, any student who has 3 or more unexcused absences over 3 days is considered a truant (Cal. Ed. Code 48260.5[a]). If the student’s attendance does not improve, the student will be labeled a habitual truant. A habitual truant is a student who has been reported as a truant and has at least 5 unexcused absences over 5 different days. If this occurs, both the student and parent/guardian will appear in front of the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) to determine appropriate educational options. If improvement does not occur, the habitual truants are referred to the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney for Truancy Mediation. Possible consequences of this process include: 
  • An unspecified dollar amount fine (for parent and/or student)
  • Student work permit revoked
  • Student driving & parking privileges revoked
  • Minimum 1 year or more suspended driver’s license up until 25 years of age
  • Community Service
All-day absences must be called in directly by a parent/guardian to the 24 hour attendance line (408) 558-3063) before 10:30 a.m. on the day of the absence. All absences must be cleared within three days to avoid being designated as “truant.” Parents may not clear or approve tardies. It is important that parents monitor their student’s attendance using our School Loop program.
Tardy Policy
Any student arriving up to 29 minutes late will be marked Tardy (T). Students arriving more than 30 minutes late will be marked Late Truant (L). Students who arrive late to any class must check in at student services for a dated and time-stamped pass before being admitted to class. Those with an unexcused tardy will be assigned after school detention. If a student has extenuating circumstances, she or he may discuss additional options with an Assistant Principal. Note: Parents/guardians can monitor student absences and tardies by using Del Mar’s online School Loop site located at
Excused Tardies
A tardy will be excused for the reasons in Education Code 48205, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Medical or dental appointments or treatments.  
  • Jury duty as required by law.  
  • School activity – approved participation in a school co-curricular activity in which the student represents the school or district, including athletic events, fine arts and vocational exhibits or performances, and academic competitions.
Tardies can be excused by completing one of the following:
  • Student brings a medical note directly to the attendance clerk in student services.
  • Parent or guardian calls the Del Mar High School 24-hour attendance line: 408-558-3063.
Tardy Policy Violations and Consequences
In our commitment to hold students accountable for their school attendance, Del Mar will enforce a strict progressive discipline model with students who come late to school. Five (5) unexcused tardies that have not been “made up” in detention will result in the following consequences:
  • 4 hours of detention, to be served over multiple days
  • Ineligibility to participate in or attend extracurricular activities:
    • Practice (sports, cheer, theater, band, etc.)
    • Performances