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About Me

Hello! My name is Ms. Wan, and this is my first year at Del Mar.
I grew up in San Jose (near Prospect), got my Bachelor's at UC Irvine, and then got my J.D. at USC Law School. I used to be a lawyer! After practicing law for a few years, I decided it wasn't for me and went back to school at UCLA to get my teaching credential and Master's in Education.
I've taught at all levels. I taught elementary school for two years in Los Angeles and then a year in San Francisco. Then I taught middle-school math for three years in Richmond and for three years in Sunnyvale. 
I had a baby in 2022 and took last school year off to care for him. I've missed teaching, and I'm super excited to step back into the classroom! 
I believe everyone has the ability to be amazing at math; it's all about making sure you're able to access it and understand it in a way that makes sense to you.