Guidance Counseling and Support

Del Mar High School offers students and parents various counseling options to assist with daily aspects of high school life and challenging times at home or work.  Whether students need some help with academics, socio-emotional support, or a friendly face to talk to, Del Mar can help!

Guidance and Support Counselors

Del Mar's Guidance Counselors are always available to meet with students confidentially and offer emotional support. Each counselor will listen and guide each student to ensure they have a happy and successful education experience within a safe learning environment.
Meet our Counseling Team!
Image of Guidance Counselor, Evelyn Beas  Evelyn Beas, Guidance Counselor
Hometown: San Jose, California

Ms. Beas' Alma Mater:  Undergrad - SJSU - B.A. in Child Development, B.A. in Spanish, Minor in Nutrition; Grad School - SJSU - M.A. in Counselor Education, PPS Credential.

The best part of Ms. Beas' job:  "The best part of my job is helping students realize their academic potential and supporting them as they navigate through their educational journey that is high school." 

Ms. Beas' tips for success at Del Mar:  "Advocate for yourself, communicate, ask questions, take advantage of opportunities you may be interested in because high school is a time to learn and have fun - 4 years will fly by!"

An interesting fact about Ms. Beas:  "I am a first-generation college student.  I am fluent in both English and Spanish, (Spanish is my first language).  I love trying new foods and traveling."
Image of Guidance Counselor, Kristie Geist  Kristie Geist, Guidance Counselor
Hometown: San Diego, California

Ms. Geist's Alma Maters: Undergrad - UCLA - B.A. in Political Science; Grad School - National University - M.A. in Educational Counseling with PPS Credential.


The best part of Ms. Geist's job:  "I love working at Del Mar and have been here since 2015! We have such an amazing group of students and staff that create our positive, welcoming, and strong community.


Ms. Geist's tips for success at Del Mar:  "Ask questions, try new things, and get involved early!"

An interesting fact about Ms. Geist:  "Outside of DM I enjoy reading, yoga, the beach, and traveling to new places."
Image of Guidance Counselor, Amanda Perez  Amanda Perez, Guidance Counselor
Ms. Perez's Alma Mater: Undergrad- Utah Valley University, B.A. in Psychology. Masters - Hope International University, M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). University of Redlands, PPS Credential. 
The best part of Ms. Perez's job:  The best part of my job is making connections with the students and helping them plan their life after high school.

Ms. Perez's tips for success at Del Mar:  Don't be afraid to ask questions and get involved in your school! 
An interesting fact about Ms. Perez: I love playing/watching sports, going to the beach, and traveling. My favorite place I've traveled to is Japan. 
Jenifer Martinez - Emergent Multilingual Students Counselor
Ms. Martinez's Alma Mater: Undergrad- San Jose State University, B.A. in Psychology, minor in Child and Adolescent Development. Masters -San Jose State University, M.A. in Counseling and Guidance and PPS Credential.
The best part of Ms. Martinez's job: The best part of my job is supporting students discover their potential to succeed.

Ms. Martinez's tips for success at Del Mar: Don't be afraid to ask questions, get involved, ¡échale ganas! Ponte las pilas! And Never give up!
An interesting fact about Ms. Martinez: I love to travel and I love coffee and boba. 

College & Career Specialist

dulce ballinas-cajero Dulce Ballinas-Cajero
Hometown: Mountain View, California

Ms. Cajero's Alma Maters: Undergrad - CSU Stanislaus- B.A. Psychology, Concentration Developmental Psychology, Minor in Child Development.


The best part of Ms. Cajero's job: "Watching the students from day one till their last day on campus is always a bittersweet moment. I love getting to know everyone and seeing them reach their full potential." 


Ms. Cajero's tips for success at Del Mar: "Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone will lend a helping hand and guide you to be successful."

An interesting fact about Ms. Cajero: "I love exploring the bay area, especially the different nature routes. Majority of my time I like to spend it with my husband and two dogs. I have a wall filled with Funko Pops that will just not stop growing."

Cassy Counselor

Jeannette Arana: "This is my 2nd year at Del Mar. I am an associate marriage and family therapist (AMFT #116196) under the supervision of Van-Anh Vu, LMFT 84730."

Ms. Arana's Alma Maters: Undergrad - San Jose State University, B.A. Psychology; Graduate school - Santa Clara University, M.A. Counseling Psychology.



Social Worker

Tina Hatef: "I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been working in the field since 2012."

Ms. Hatef's Alma Maters: Undergrad - San Jose State University, B.A. Communications Studies ; Graduate school - Columbia University School of Social Work.



Empowering our Community for Success

The Empowering Our Community for Success (EOCS) program is hosted by Del Mar and held on campus by Richard Alvarez. The program is designed to work with freshmen and sophomores who need extra guidance and support.  

Some of the features of the program are:

  • Male Empowerment Group
  • Female Empowerment Group
  • Individual counseling
  • After school tutoring support

For more information on EOCS and all counseling and support services, please contact your student’s Assistant Principal: